Meet Dr. David Swift

For more than 20 years, Dr. Swift continues helping individuals, couples, and businesses understand their personalities and how to better interact with each other based on the Enneagram personality assessment.

Business Career

Dr. Swift graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minors in Business Administration and Sociology. He received his Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Forrest Institute of Professional Psychology after a 14-year career in Corporate Management. He celebrated multiple achievements during his business experience, being selected as the youngest district representative (26) for National Convenience Stores. His responsibilities included the management of 30 store managers, 120 employees, and over 11 million in annual sales. He was recognized for cutting employee turnover by half during his time with NCS. Following NCS, he was employed with Fleming Foods where he won Regional and National awards for negotiating over 6 million dollars in added profit annually for 2 years. He was honored with a promotion to Senior buyer in less than 2 years. He finished his career as a member of the executive leadership team for Food Marketing Group, Daymon and Associates, New York, New York. His Regional responsibilities included the management of 40 Grocery Wholesales, 80 managers/associates with annual sales of $150 million. At age 35, he quit his career and began his doctorate work in Psychology. 


During his residency, Dr. Swift began writing a management training program based on the Enneagram. This program has been used in multiple companies across States, and is currently being used in the consulting arm of the business. It was during one of these consultations that Dr. Gary Smalley (National Author, Speaker, Consultant Oprah, CNN, etc), asked Dr. Swift to rewrite the Business profiling system for Couples. This effort resulted in the Smalley-Swift Personality Profiling System (SSPS). Along with the Smalley Relationship Center, over 30,000 of Dr. Swift’s profiles have been sold. Results have been amazing as marriages, and relationships have been positively affected time and time again.


Recently retired from a medical long-term care team, he is currently focused on reaching and helping as many couples as he can.  He has also authored the Swift Personality Profiling System (SPPS) which is based on an in-depth study of the Enneagram. Dr. Swift has sold over 30,000 profiles which are available by clicking below. 


Simplifying The Complex Language of the SPPS

The Enneagram has been studied and analyzed by centuries of scholars. This system is very comprehensive and explains human behavior better than any personality system Dr. Swift has studied. The system not only breaks personality into 9 major types but breaks each of those into 9 different layers ranging from psychopathology (mentally ill) to complete behavioral health. With the inclusion of wings, triads, and transgression, vs regression, the Enneagram can be complex, confusing, and most importantly, easily misinterpreted.

Dr. Swift has broken down the barriers, taken the most important aspects of each profile and presented them in a format that is easy to understand, easy to identify, and gives the reader a platform for self-examination, setting the pathway for personal and professional growth. You will become a better person, partner, and professional once you grasp the basics of your personality.

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