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Management training – Personality Profiling - Conflict Resolution – Teambuilding

No matter the size of your business...

We know the secrets to success are the people inside the company. Excellent Employees are hard to come by and retention has risen to the top of businesses’ priority list.


Whether your business concerns are productivity, expenses, turnover, employee satisfaction, or profits, Dr. Swift has found healthy interpersonal relationships to be at the core of the business and business success. In today’s business world, you have to maintain the necessary relational skills it takes to motivate, manage, strengthen, and retain your employees. Dr. Swift provides personality insights, management training and the behavioral techniques needed to accomplish your biggest corporate and small business goals.

Employees do not leave because of money, they leave when their relationships inside the company fail. This program is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to get to know your associates. The combination of Dr. Swift’s profiling system, business background, and training in human behavior creates a unique approach to improving all aspects of your business.


What to Expect

Assessment and Profiling

  • Simple, clear definable patterns of behavior and communication styles
  • Critical differences in personality and why these differences impact cooperation and productivity
  • Managerial styles and how to interact with each
  • Core motivating characteristics of each employee
  • The “why” to our’s and others behavior


  • Strengths to draw on and weaknesses to build on for each of your employees
  • Immediate application
  • Quick and easy methods of understanding and resolving conflict
  • What to expect from associates under stressful situations

How We Do It

Our assessment process makes designing personal and professional growth programs for each personality type easy. Dr. Swift will provide direction on task management, maximizing environmental efficiency, and how to build effective teams.

  • Personal profiles are provided to each associate
  • All personality types are explained
  • User-friendly language sets everyone at ease
  • Liabilities are also examined, with clear direction on how to maneuver through issues
  • Assets, communication style, core traits individually highlighted
  • Information is nonthreatening, easy-to-understand, and useful
  • The “why” to what we do

What would one manager cost you?

Turnover is ranked as one of the most costly expenses companies incur. Turnover costs companies billions of dollars per year. Employee dissatisfaction contributes greatly to conflict, low productivity, turnover, and interpersonal relationships greatly impact your employee’s level of satisfaction. The cost of replacing one mid-level manager can be as high as $100,000 with extended benefits, severance, marketing, recruitment, training, and relocation expenses adding up quickly. These figures do not include the loss of dollars in production.