Anger Management Intensives

Flexible Scheduling | 10-12 Hours | Focused on Eliminating Anger Outbursts

How Can I Help?

Dr. Swift is a leading expert in anger management treatment


The goal of the program is to eliminate (not reduce) anger outbursts. It requires some insight into the participant’s history. Dr. Swift minimizes the power Anger has over people. It is designed to introduce coping skills that work to empower the participant. Participants mostly learn new information. The information is easy to consume, and the coping skills can be put to immediate use. This is the beauty of the program. Major strides are made in very short windows of time. Participants report experiencing a more relaxed atmosphere, improved relationships, and higher productivity.

What to Expect

Recognized Leader

Dr. Swift is recognized in Springfield as the leading expert in the field of Anger Management. This program originated while he was working with troubled teens. He was hired by Springfield’s Judicial System to help the teenage detainees who were either in Detention or on Probation. Dr. Swift designed and introduced a 12-week program where over the course of three years, reduced recidivism by 43%. This program was also introduced into Lakeland Regional Hospital, a treatment center that serves a tri-state area for troubled teens. Restraints and take-downs were reduced by 75% within the first year. Since that time Dr. Swift has revamped the program for adults.



Intensives are flexible as the information can be introduced over time, or as a one-day (10-12 hour) program. For some, it is better to spread this out over a few days. Dr. Swift has worked with multiple professionals (Attorneys, Realtors, Doctors) who were struggling with anger, and multiple small and large business owners.